The Colourful Rainbow

Rain and sunshine together brings us the dazzling rainbow
An upside arch of smile leaning towards hope rising up in rows
A band of seven colours in stapes from red to green to violet
Letting us know that from our grey days the darkest of all we can liberate
Red the chief color of love, itself is divine
Orange the fascinating one teaches us to shine
Yellow the color of same shade is indeed bold
Of course imparting us to glitter like gold
Green the ubiquitous one glazing with freshness
Blue asking us to be indeed true proving it's richness
Indigo a color too vivid is an eternal pleasure
Violet being the tender one preaches us to cherish and treasure
No wonder it's beauty is what we relish for leisure
At the moment someone's presence is what we can't borrow
So, in someone's life amidst all the clouds of sorrows
Can't we vow to be their arch of smile
The Colourful Rainbow

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