The Comprehension Of A Lost Mind

"useless thoughts spin about my head,
i can't sift through, or catch a grasp;
what has my focus all scatters before me,
my attention is paid to recall simple things.
i can't make sense of this fragile mind,
behind these eyes, there's nothing left to find.
shallow memories hang loosely and high;
reaching desperately, when they're gone definitely.
i can tell something's missing when i'm disconnected.
dialect becomes distorted as i try to speak,
i'd put it in words if they'd only come to me.
always, this broken heart is racing off beat,
keeping me alive, and locked inside a dream.
motions are paralyzed with interrupting transparent stares,
drawing a blank, it's so hard to think.
this wasn't my idea of happiness,
is it wrong of me to want this to end?
sleep evades my heavy eyes, i'm weary, tired and falling apart.
with all the strength i have left,
i pull myself together;
another day to fight, to lose.
i'm lost inside of my own mind,
i'm falling deeper into this nightmare of life.
my body hurts without cure,
my head is clouded and i'm never sure."

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