The Concealed Soul

I'm wearing this mask I found in an attic two weeks ago. How it is I do not know? The only thing I know there's something written in Latin on the back. That I can't read or say it but, when i put the mask on. Something gripped me with fear right away. I heard a deep voice saying I will conceal your soul of doubt, fear or any emotions that you've ever known at all. Fame and fortune will be yours as long as I control your faith. Your soul is mine all of time.
"NO!!! I screamed as the mask merged with me, I tried to fighting it. But, it was to late this cursed thing was already a part of me. That was fifteen years ago now. The one thing I've learned if I'm good and pure of heart, the rewards are great. But, if I was evil and corrupt my death would be swift, and agonizing without warning. So I do good deeds all around the world. Nobody knows my name or my face. All I wish is to feel anything at all. But, the mask conceals it all.

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