The Concept of Being Shy

By Reverie   

Dear Extrovert,

I want to be the talker.
But instead,
I become the silent observer
The center of attention?
That's not what I want.
Being part of the action?
That's more what I want.
I really want to talk,
I really really want to
But nothing comes out.
No words, no sound.
Just CO2.
I'm silent,
When what I really want to do
Is talk

Instead of saying hi,
I blush and stare at the floor,
Like I've never realized it was there.
My eyes shine with excitement,
And mirth,
And joy,
But my mouth remains a neutral line.
Silent and closed.
The worst part:
People take my exaggerated timidity
For arrogance and disdain
When all I really want to do
Is talk

It's hard for me to say hi,
And even harder to say goodbye.
I forget things easily,
Like what to say
How to say it
And when
When I'm around other people.
All this happens,
But what I really want
Is a friend.
Why is it so hard?
Why can't I change?
All I want to do
Is talk
But instead I remain silent.

I can't control it,
I can't get a grip on it,
My silence overpowers me.
It frustrates me,
It hurts me,
And others.
My silence is taken for selfishness
And what's worse is:
I end up getting ignored.
I am intimidated and intimidating.
And that's where it all gets impossible.
And through it all,
I remain silent,
And hurt.
When what I really want to do,
Is talk,


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This Poems Story

Everyone has felt that shyness that seems to freeze us up. The thing is, there's a select few that do want to talk, they just can't. In this poem, the frustration is expressed through the mindset of the shy one. I'm sure many will find this relatable.