The Condition of the Bibliophile

I regard my attraction to language as an affair,
as a withstanding relation,
a product of indecorous communication.

This devotion has demanded a life of its own,
accepting my whole as its proxy.
Others won't understand this affinity.
They aren't familiar with the curving lilt of a domestic tongue

Nor the taste of a verse fermented in the mouths of one's ancestors,
Surely not the stuttering moans of a mother dialect,
Yet the sharp sting of a jagged vernacular,
or the mastery and art behind the articulation of a single utterance.

This discourse developed over time,
I required maturation and growing before my notions aligned.
I felt eager upon observing the pervasive movements of great text
Which delivered a high known greater than sex.

It is true that I contemplated profoundly first,
before committing my desire and will to the whole of verse.
But now my diction reflects the appeal
Of great literature and enamoring fiction.

I couldn't be more satisfied.

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