The Construction of a Poem

Poems aren't too easy when you're put on the spot,

You have to think about your mind set,

Then the words that you have got,

Think about the audience & the people that are reading,
The words that you use will affect the way they're feeling,

If it's for a friend then keep it light hearted,
Think about the content and the reason the poem started,

If it's for a loved one then think what makes them unique,
Tell them all your feelings so their days are never bleak....

The construction of a poem or a body of words,
Brought about by letting your ideas fly like the birds,

Random ideas or ones of deep thought,
Put them down on paper then give them a sort,

Make the words work to show your true meaning,
Create it so you have the reader intrigued looking closer by leaning,

A release of energy controlled through your mind,
Write a poem today you never know what ideas you may find...

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