The Corruption of Society

Look at all the times our rights were lost
With civil wars, boycotts, the Holocaust
All this negativity and we still fought
When and why did we choose to stop?
All this stuff about sexuality and race
Is something we can't even face
I thought back then was a darker place
I guess the negativity was never really replaced
It's sad that with so much self pride
We've forgotten about helping each other strive
Coming together, side by side
Is only a dream, but should be real life

I know my opinion isn't much
But equality would be so easy to clutch
If we just lifted our spirits up
And exhibited togetherness, support, & love
Don't wanna fight for rights until yours are taken
Look at where we are, end of the world in the making
Two people loving each other get all the hating
People say they'll do something, but I know they're faking

Equality wouldn't take that much time
If we worked in harmony like a perfect rhyme
And stopped committing social crime
So everything wouldn't be out of line
We all have freedom of speech
But discrimination isn't gonna make us free
If we show peace, love, and positivity
We can escape this madness, you & me

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