The Cost of success.

This is the world of me against the world
Many lost, few won.
Winners, upper class and loser lower.

Politicians deceive all,
Police extort both poor and rich,
And doctors, They wished you were sicker.

Crude generals raise armies for no war,
Journalists sell everything that’s going on,
And businessmen are making prices higher .

The wicked indeed did win.
Using sinister moves to get what they wish
And Leaving the poor, poorer.

At dead one cannot take Gold that cannot rust.
Why chase after the dust?
I’d rather live like a duck.
Living care freely at a dock.

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    This Poems Story

    The rhyming of the first and third lines in the first three stanzas accompanied by three line per stanza symbolizes the existence of the divine trinity:Father, son, and holy spirit; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; or Body, Mind/soul, and spirit The two different middle rhymes in the middle lines of the first four stanzas symbolizes the principle of correspondence. “As above so below; so below, as above”. The four stanzas portray double-dualism. The different isolated single rhyme in fourth stanza for shows how everything in the universe is different in appearance and nature/energy. The main point is brought home by the single repeated partial rhyming of the last stanza which shows how the diversity that creates the oneness of the universal cosmos. Conclusion: If everything is one, why trouble over temporal externalities like Fame, Materialism and mare illusions such as victories and defeats which are the two extreme poles(principle of polarity) of the same thing. Just like love is to hate, hot is to cold and soft is to hard. For those who chase fame and power, They let themselves vibrate towards the pole of want and will only accumulate negative emotions such as, emptisess, greed, depression, jealousy, and eventually even hate. This deprive them of high energetic emotions such as love, happiness, Peace and bliss.