The Court Room

Sunlight illuminates
a solemn room.
Dust particles float aimlessly
much like my thoughts.

I sit motionless,
a cold and barren bench,
praying for mercy,
for him, for me.

Distinct sounds of clinking chains,
chorus of lost souls,
Moving in unison,
Brightly clad in orange and black.

My beautiful child,
staring hopelessly--
a captured soul,
his innocence held hostage.

I glance at the clock,
stuck on past dreams.
Locked into self torment,
a dark sadness overcomes me.

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This Poems Story

My poems come from my twenty-year journey through addiction with my child, a journey that took us to dark places we never dreamed possible. It is also a journey of love, hope, compassion and recovery--a life journey that changed everyone in the family, a change that has given us a new purpose, one with peace and serenity.