The COVID-19 Pandemic

Do you know whence I come?
Or, if it's the first time I have damage done?
Does the name'Rhinophilus bat'ring a bell?
In 2002-03 (SARS-CoV-1) and in 2012 (MERS-CoV),
I was here as well.

I can't reach you without an intermediate host;
In 2002-03, it was the Civet cat: to her let's raise a toast;
I'm sure you're wondering what vehicle I chose
This time (2019-20) to reach your nose;

I know it's a year since I've begun;
I too wished for a natural death scorched by the summer sun;
But, alas! I survived; spread more;
So much so that you stopped stepping out of the door;

I really wish that you live, and live well;
I sincerely pray that it's a brief, passing spell;
And though it seems worse than the plague, ...
Few years later, it'll be simply a memory vague;

Until then, wash your hands as often as can;
Stay away from a coughing or sneezing human;
Use your non-dominant hand to open the door;
That's not all, ... there's much more:

Make sure that you wear your N95 mask,
For no more than 6-8 hours,... that's your task;
Master it. Your mask must firmly fit the bridge of your nose;
Maintain mandatory social distancing; don't get too close.

It's not only the numbers that merit a frown;
We have a lot to lose with each lockdown;
To strictly adhere to preventive practices is half the battle won;
Let's fight COVID-19 together, each and everyone.

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This Poems Story

I was an advisor of the COVID-19 committee when the pandemic was at it\'s peak. Most people panicked initially but managing the pandemic can be as easy as following social distancing and other prevention practices. Of course, we cannot underestimate the vaccine or herd immunity, but simple measures also go a long way in containing the pandemic.