The Coward A Nation Claimed

The Coward, A Nation Claimed
To the hero, brown and embittered now;
to the king, a clown with a broken crown.
A castle to hide from amazing graces and a flag to fly above emblazoned racists. These emblems of our love and trust,
those voices from the angry dust,
covered and caged and painted
by years and ages of mothers
who smothered their own soft
and gentle cares by the need to drown the strong,
unselfish heir and mask the rotting brow.
Are you listening now?
Our country is torn to pieces and
our passion replaces our precepts.
And nothing you say or do or think
will end the war while your purity sinks
alongside a nation of nothings and never-will’s,
of heretics, politics and President Bill’s,
of impurity and the poisons with which impiety kills.
What’s happened before will happen again
because history is now as history was then.
We sit and we learn and we spend what we earn;
we hear and we see and still we repeat.
Those same graves will be filled,
that same blood will be spilled.
This soil has already been dug up before!
This battle has already been fought at our door!
Independence was won,
freedom was learned,
respect filled our hearts and
Abe’s abolition was earned.
Have we lost that great right won by Lincoln’s great hand?
Have we forgotten what once made America grand?
This is my country and people,
my pride and temple.
Douse the lights and cover the windows,
shut off that noise that plays with our egos.
This kingdom once sang the same anthem,
this castle once flew the same banner.
Is it too late to see if our melody rings
through the canyons and mountains and caves,
or crashes with foam on waves?
I've never thought forever was so near or so far
and never was forever so sacred as now.
My name is Forever and So Let It Begin,
for the future is now as the future was then.

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