The Cowards Cup

Remember that moment, that glorious day,
you were sipping coffee in your favorite café?
You sat at the window seat, next to empty space,
As the light came in and painted life on your face.

I remember the flower you wore in your hair,
I remember the scent it trickled through the air.
I remember the half polished nails on your feet,
I remember you hid them, bent beneath your seat.

Don’t you remember every little thing,
The silence in your mind letting the heart sing?
In that moment so much was expressed,
a feeling was born and held in my chest.

I remember the jealousy I had for your book,
For it held your hand and caught every look.
I envied the cup you brought to your lips,
You were like the sun and I imagined our eclipse.

It’s sad to remember your eyes never met mine,
It hurts to know our lives will never intertwine.
I was just part of a moment that you never saw,
Now I’m alone, with a cold cup and an extra straw.

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