The Cowboy and the Curse

He reared his mighty head
The sun rested in the sky.
He took a look across the mountains
And He saw what society saw.
They demanded organics
And they wanted all natural.
They didn't know what they speak of
What could be more natural
Then what lay before him?
The mountains to the left And the valleys to the right,
The fields full of dew and hay.
But He knew the long hours,
He had seen the sick calves
And the horses who struggled to stand.
Cowboy knew of the hardships
And He knew of the curse that betrayed him
He cared for the livestock
His face became weathered
Cowboys hands became tired
And he saw in the mirror what looked like defeat
Though everyday he stepped out of bed and pushed on.
He tightened his cinch and coiled his rope
He set off into the valley of wisdom.
He checked on his calves and wiped his brow
Though not without lack of faith.
What he didn't see was that the curse hadn't beaten him
'Cause the curse was being a cowboy himself
And he could not lose that if he had tried.

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