The Crack of dawn


Silence can drive a person crazy.
From the moment we are born
we are conceived in a room of sound.
All our life we are surrounded by sound,
Almost like a pin dropping.
When met with complete and utter silence,
We as a species, as people don't know what to do.
We play music until our ears bleed.
We sing until we lose our voices.
We dance until we can't get up.
We scream until we can't even think.
Just so we are not met with the harsh reality,
That lonesome silence shows how alone we are.
The silence shows us just how small we are in the world
Where millions of people live with their own lives.
Like a piece of glass shattering,
All it is left is to kneel down
To pick up the pieces.
There is no going backward anymore
We can only go forward and hope,
That there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
That thing will become a new sense of normal.
That we can get the chance to see our loved ones again
Without losing who we are as people.
The silence weeps the sun comes out to stage a new day.

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