The Creature

Anxiety is a creature
It is well cared for and well fed
It can be seen through the windows of our eyes
We are its great disguise
I’ve tried to kill this creature that drives my every thought
I drown it in alcohol and try to sleep it off
But it never seems to go away
I think it wants a friend

If I imagine such a creature, I wonder what it’d be?
A tiny little dragon who doesn’t trust its wings
It would be a little pudgy with shiny glimmering teeth,
Maybe wrapped up with it’s scaled tail when it’s afraid to breathe

My creature is a dragon, powerful and strong
It takes over my mind a little at a time,
It tries so hard to belong
Sometimes it is so strong it doesn’t have to try
My pain came from my creature
I used to hate it so
but giving it a face is changing everything I know

How can I hate something that’s eyes glow bright like gold?
Who only wants my focus and to my entire world?

This creature has never left me
It has been with me for years
Letting me known what I’m doing wrong and just who I should be

If I sat with my anxiety
let it curl into my lap
I’d whisper all that we could be while stroking it’s scaled back
We don’t have to be this person
Afraid to be alone
I’d promise this small creature that it’s okay to let things go

My creature is not evil
It doesn’t mean to harm
Pain is all this creature knows
Pain, and fear, and loss
This creature depends on me and believes the words I say
but doesn’t understand that there is light inside a day.

She felt my pain, my heartbreak, and desperate blame the day he passed away
She didn’t understand but believed me anyway
She was there for each kiss that never stayed in place
and for every friend who hadn’t kept their promises to stay

She watches through my eyes and listens to my voice
I taught her all these things and created her voice

If I speak to her with peace and explain the good things too
perhaps she can tell the difference between what is and isn’t true
I feel peace as I say this and I know that she does too
Because now it isn’t me or her,
But a union of the two.

Now her tail is at her side
Her eyes are opened wide
This little creature will never leave my side

I promise little creature
I’ll protect you and I’ll love you
Together we will work on our pain
And we will see much better days
I’m sorry that I hurt you and hid you in my dark
Today we see the light and the peace within our heart
Today we got a brand new start to learn to live again.

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