The Crime Of The Century

The crime of the century is wittingly clear,
for those of us that had them strike near
Facing a tragedy integrity is lost,
cause the Doc wont blame the root of the cause
The decades of lies continue to thrive,
common sense seems to have died
Doctors pressure you to conform to the norm,
so choose your form before baby is born
They will tell you the injections,
are just for protection
They don't disclose,
what these vaccines behold
They are loaded with toxin
from the scientist concoction
The damage is massive
yet they remain passive
You wont find a Doc
who admits its the shot
So keep baby PURE
so he wont need a cure
Let him remain
with perfection he came
Don't give up his health
for their kingdom of wealth
Vaccine free
is the only way to be
Don't you forget, on down the road
for in this poem, you have been told

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