The Crime of Your Mind

Darkness falls and caves in towards you like the mad hatter and it scares you through your wisdom and your age.
The crimson red blood of those before you stains you and your very somber existence.
The blood like wine flows so easily and relentlessly offering little or no resistance.
The mark of the beast radiates off of your body like some insane moonbeam crashing from the sky as if it were ablaze amidst all the horror and enchantment of this wooded maze.
The cave full of mystery and regret calls to you and beckons you to take a look.
The darkness of this cave will swallow you like a sea full of the blackest water so says the book.
The smoke rising from the ashes collides with the deep dark blue of the night sky and causes a crazy self-made fog that you can't keep away from your eyes.
The smoldering fire pit is still partially aglow with some tiny embers and coals that look at you straight in the mind's eye clouding your thoughts.
Slowly you walk away into the shadowy woods hoping once and for all you may seek out what you'd been trying to discover all this time,
Hoping to find the reason behind, and the meaning of, what has been
called your crime.

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