The Cross Roads

The path laid out or so it seems
The road unwinds in fretful dreams
The way once clear the way once sought
Now clouds of doubt obscure your thoughts.
Which road to take which road to follow
The way well-traveled or the way un-named
To blaze a trail to call your own
Your feet to find their own way home.
To never question to never wonder
The road not taken the road not chosen
To blindly follow where others would lead
Is a journey wasted a journey in need
Of direction and purpose – a journey believed
To bring peace to the soul and make everything whole.
To stand at the cross-roads a decision at hand
Which way will you choose your journey or man’s?
The way of the masses, the lost, and the damned
Or the way which your head, heart, and spirit,
~Koneta Bailey-2015

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