The Crossing

Looking endlessly for what I cannot find,
For something with a touch so gentle and kind.
Walking and wandering in the darkness of sin,
Not having an inkling of what place I'm in.
Occasionally finding a dim window in the night,
I stop and wonder of the things that might
Happen in such a beautiful land,
That seems so precious, lovely, and grand.
Then I continue on my lonely path,
Asking why I deserve God's holy wrath.
Continuously spinning and walking about,
I can never find an escape to bring me out.

Suddenly I hear a kind and gentle voice,
Saying, "Keep calm, follow me, and soon you'll rejoice!"
I find a man engulfed in a burning white light
I follow him till he says, "Now I take flight!"
He disappears and I find a beautiful door,
I open it and soon forget all that I abhor.
Before me I behold wonders none can foresee,
I've finally found the Garden, I've never felt so free.

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