The Crow

I am the crow.
I'm a bird you all know.
You probably don't care much for me.
For my call, though quite clear
Is not pleasing to hear
And I'm not quite a nice sight to see.
They say I'm an omen
of coming bad fortune
But I need to say that's not true.
Though my colors are dark
And I'm not soft like the lark,
I'm a pretty smart bird, let me tell you.
My feather's aren't shiny like the raven's,
I'm not soft and sweet like a dove.
My attitude may seem quite brazen
But I might open up with some love.
You can teach me to count with your numbers.
You can teach me to speak with your words.
I'm not colorful like a parrot
But I'm just as smart of a bird.
I am the crow, I'm a bird you all know.
And maybe now you'll finally see.
I'm not some horrible creature,
And maybe you could smile at me?

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