The Cruelty of You

My love come back home to me
Your absence leaves me in such despair
It’s unfair that you are not where you need to be,
Laying next to me, fingers in my hair
I remember when you left
You told me that you could not give me peace
You were cruel, performing a crime that was deft
It was then that I realized that your perfect shirt had a crease
The open geode that was our love
Broke into a million pieces that could not be put together again.
They told you that you were unworthy of
What we found, so now I ask you how you’ve been
The crystals we found together made me believe
That you’d stay with me forevermore.
I remember the dress with sleeves
You wore when we met, I knew I was done for.
You glanced at me throughout the night
But you acted coy as to not get caught
They didn’t approve, but it was alright
We didn’t care, we slept on my cot.
It hurts that you walk away so easy
You succumbed to their wants and normalities
As a result, they think me sleazy
Thinking I seduced you with my illegalities

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