The cry of a mere Kenyan

Rihanna talks of The New America
American Oxygen
It seems same for poor Kenya
Our one and only treasure
Drowning in the dark
Driven by cartels of no concern
No care for the next generation.
And here's my plead.

Am lost within a nation
No name no trace
No location no possession
No government but govern men
No freedom but free doom
Threats are the new proverbs
New slogans taking over,
(guilty till proven rich)
Corruption a current chess game
Leadership now a business gap
Leaders being Board Members
Cabinet being the shareholders
I wonder if we are the debtors
No say, since the burden is too big.

Am tired, torn, worn and tortured for my silence
Enough, if the flowing blood
Enough of the illegal lands
Enough of the assassinations
Coz Kenya is now more less Hollywood.
A crew hired to act the movie
The happenings seem dreams
All like fiction in The Originals.
The only fact, that time is passing

No longer can we entrust our lives on the government
No longer can we express out freely
No longer are our cases ruled with justice
Cases clog in the courts.
No longer can even prayers shaken their utter
No longer do they fear the Supreme One
But in churches, all different
Sited like an innocent infant
Faked sorrows while praying
All aiming to win our trust

Let's standout,Kenyans for Kenya
Let's open up eyes, and stop being fooled
Let's stop falling on their knees like slaves
A fact,they are meant to be our servants
But act like we are theirs slaves
Some lie to be fighting for us
But are after the seat, to grab the cheques
Wanting the privileges and Excellency
Let's stand for our poor Kenyans
Say No to their treachery
A New Kenya, me and you.

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