The Crying Sky

Sitting in my room I wonder why,
The golden eye was quilted with the brawling sky
I felt shivering through my soul
My soul rebel to be in the endless sky,
I handle the metal foil,
I opened the door with the flair.
The falling sky rolled down my restless peel,
I shudered to the cold breath of the silver drops,
I saw the the inept trees dancing with the moving gale,
The beauty of the twirling trees made my
brain pale.
The falling sky turned apart
Show the way for the blazing spark
Now the sky breathe with recline,
Showing the fine silver line.
The silver line grows wider,
Turning it to the golden monster.
Now the sky is back with its golden eye,
Aal it's tears are on land like a pearl crystal clear.
Now the trees are standing calm
Loaded after a tearing strom.
So,was there something sky was crying about ?

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