The Crystal Tale

The Crystal Prologue

“Hello,” is all I say before I freeze,
Looking around and feeling at unease.
Soon, I look around for inspiration
And find what I need for fascination.
“My name is Cassaundra,” is all I say.
Overwhelmed, I then quickly turn away.
Stagefright is what I have, and can be bad
And sometimes gets so tough, I get mad.

Now that I have pulled myself together,
“Start telling about our storyteller!”
Someone shouts impatiently from the back
Looking right there I am taken aback.
There, a person once known to be my friend,
The relation, I once tried to amend.

“I never told a story to a crowd
Realize this is a first I’m allowed
But I would love to share it with you all.”
Is all I say as I start to recall.

The Crystal Tale

There were two very close or best frien’,
Both of their names were Luna and Hayden.
Always together, inseparable,
Both always very unpredictable.
However, one day it came to a stop.
It all ended sadly in a crystal shop.
It is said they bring luck but were none.
And very soon, both friends started to shun.

In that crystal shop, there was a young man
And that same man had his very own plan,
That was to separate the both of them.
This would be his very own crystal gem.
And so he went according to it all
‘This will cause their relationship to fall’
So he had thought to please himself
And he moved to the far end of the shelf,
So he could see and hear what all goes on
He thought he’d won with all he’d done

Jealous, is what he felt of the two friends
‘For the two friends, this is where it all ends.
Perfect relationships, impossible
Ending this, I’ll be responsible’

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by the Canterbury Tales and their seven deadly sins. The sin mine is about is jealousy.