The Cure to All Pains

Driving as the road is short,
Time is done as the heart stops;
Those moments are long.
Why then, to wait more,
As those clocks in the second shift
For a moment, silence is separated by fear,
But fear is a witness that closes the dirty business
That, during the cold, covers with moments.
I wander if, by chance, life has meaning,
If, by chance, something is there?
I do not see anything in the "after"-
What is there to wait for?
What attaches us to the truth,
That makes one laugh
And the other smile?
That jester who shows the irony in life...
Maybe that is all it is and means.
Perchance, we are only a smile?
So short , so fast
So programmed to end.
Maybe life is the disease,
And death the cure to all pain .
So beautiful, so eternal-
So permanent-
It is always with us
And never leaves,
In contrast to other things.
Therefore, long live the king.

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This Poems Story

Although I enjoy many forms of art, poetry is the gasoline that pushes my desire to keep moving forward in life. When I am alone in the dark with pen and paper in hand, only poetry is at my side, as a clock ticking with mechanisms such as memories and love. In poetry, I have found a friend that reflects my self and the person I love. Although my family is originally from the Dominican Republic, I learned to love poetry on Worcester. Therefore, I am from many places and neither place...only from where the heart takes place.