The Curious Elf

Once I sat upon a shelf, minding my own business just being an elf,
When I saw something that gave me a fright,
so I decided to follow it just seemed right,
The thing ran so fast that I could not see,
what the thing might want what the thing might be,
It climbed into a little toy sleigh,
and then I heard the small thing say,
Dear Santa all I want this year,
Is to ride in your sleigh with your pretty reindeer,
And when we deliver toys to them all, fat thin short tall,
Then maybe I will believe, and be filled with holiday glee,
Oh Santa that is all I wish, p.s. there's cookies in the dish,
Then the small boy ran with all his might,
up the stairs till he was out of sight,
That small boy seemed so nice and kind,
that Santa must know this new find,
He ran into the backyard, past the dogs that were on guard,
Until he found the small hole, that leads to the North Pole,
He slid down the slippery slide,
until he had finally reached the inside,
He ran past some toys that were weird,
until he found the man with the beard,
I was so scared I almost fled but the I got some courage and said,
Santa please listen to me, there is a boy who needs help to believe,
Santa turned and said with a smile,
I know that boy his name is Kyle,
And don't worry he will believe,
when he gets his toy on Christmas Eve.

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