The Curse

The world's people is facing a curse,
For all the breakthrough they've made.

The curse is invading with no boundaries,
Irrespective of religion, caste, gender, position...

Once people were proud of their perception ,
But now they've no voice.
The small naked curse unknown to people and his findings is taking its inherity...

Men who wanted to destroy men are no longer in their persuation to do so,
Rather asking us to hold our hands together to destroy the curse.

Swift and certain to erase this curse,
Men have finally learned the purpose of life.
-to value relations
-to value humanity
-to not be a miser
-to know the world is as important as them.

But still there are some men who are self-absorbed,
For them nothing else matters,
They are the real threat...
They're the real curse hereafter...

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