~The curse of love

By Castle   

~I know it sounds horrible,
Yet I’m only trying to be plausible, explaining my feelings is only impossible,
yet in poetic dialect I make it possible,
to the best of my knowledge I’ll keep it understandable, to the civilized I’m untrusted, reluctant animal, im a bad person, love I see as a curse! you see as a dream,
I use to believe in love, yet love never believed in me,
I’m cursed I think, from birth you see, back to the play grounds of Elementary. Love I fall destruction I caused I follow no rules no laws,
caution I warned you, normally I wouldn’t do at all, love with me is dangerous I determined, yet we to meet we remain strangers avoiding for our owns sakes but still blind to the sight of angels and demons right in our faces giving or helping us fight resulting in loss of frightening emotions, loves a bumpy ride, like a drive on the ocean don’t consider me a enemy, I’m like a hero I just saved you from
To love that Never was

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    To. The love that never was