The Cycle

A calm blow of wind enters the air
The leaves all start to drop
The beginning of fall has shown itself
Gradually coming in without care.
Colors of light take up mountain sides
Then eventually all will be gone
A blanket of white is not hard to find
As we say goodbye to Fall.
A chill enters the wilderness
Leaving those who are smart to flee
It freezes cold water and fights the heat
Till white fades to green.
The an imals that used to be commonly around
Begin to trickle in
As rain starts to pound on the pavement
Spring is gradually let in.
Heat then decides to take a stand
It throws out the wet making room for dry.
But the time at hand will not last forever
Leaves quickly begin to die.
Then frost lines on grassy lands
And Spring can begin again
But the cycles are never forgotten at hand
For they keep us all in line.
See if there was to o much cold or to o much heat
A challenge would quickly appear
The seasons make life more beautiful and without
There would be reason to fear.

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