The Dance of Birds

As the sunlight slowly streams in,
In perfect peace to delete the darkness
When coolness brings along with it
A message of vigor that's unshakable
Have you seen the dance of birds
That they perform in morning celebration?

Their sprightly dance is the language of happiness
As if it is the best time to rejoice
While holding that happiness in suspense
Through air they glide as far as they please
And then break into a winged dance
With a sprightly song only they can produce

What is the cause of so much fervor?
Is that how they catch the fleeting time?
Or is that how they try to maximize
That treasured brief window of time
Before it is suddenly overcome by
The noise created by wingless humans?

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This Poems Story

The sound of birds singing takes my worries away. The birds enjoy the freedom of the skies in ways that humans can never grasp, at their heights, uninterrupted by humans. One morning, when I noticed their joy, it took me a while to grasp the way they express it.