The Dance of Love

Into the ballroom of life they stepped
Dancing the steps of love with every move
These steps carried love that was so very true
These steps retained the strength of love

From the hallway of their hearts, two loves became one
Bonded into a perfect fit the dance had begun
Laughter made the strength of the steps a lot easier
They twirled and twirled as though skipping from cloud to cloud

Just then, sadness took the lead
The dance went to the streets
They began to gaze at the sadness
Lost their trust into a world of madness

Sadness danced the step it had planned
Moving them from the rhythm of their hearts
Into a world that drove them apart

Just when their steps collided, a star appeared
The rays of light shone down in their hearts
Brought them once again to the laughter and love
They stepped again into the ballroom of life, the dance began

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