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The Dancer in the Meadows

By Lover   

I've always been dancing to the beat
That makes me feel alive
I am a dancer, just like the sun and
The moon's reflection in a lake
You and I can dance to the music inside me
Like it is my true calling
You are the star that
lights up the sky above my head.
Like you belong to another universe
Dancing and dancing and looking upto the sky I realised it was all a dream...and it might make me cry...
Because I'm afraid, I'm terrified
Afraid of falling, falling deeper in love with you,
I'll lose everything, everything that I hold dear.
I'll fall into the sea of despair,
I don't know where I am going,
I don't know where we'll end up,
I feel like I am drowning,
The waves are coming in faster and faster .
Darling, I can't swim away
I'm losing you
If I can't fight my fear ,
Maybe there's nothing left for me
To fight for
But if I drown ,
At least I won't die alone,
The memories of you will die along.

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Tags : #love , #heartbreak
Key Words : Dancing , reflection ,dream , memories .

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