The Danger of Conformity

I was always taught if you're reaching for the stars
Even if you fail, well at least you're going far
Even if you miss your mark
Maybe you'll end up somewhere on Mars
We struggle everyday to be successful
Always claim that we're living in a cesspool
Searching for a raise like we cannot find a step stool
Always looking to improve, want to get the next jewel
So caught up in the moment we're missing out on life
We're taught that we are broken unless we're getting likes
Unless every night we post a picture with filters to change the light
We spend our time trying to appear fly, we drift by like a kite
People skipping dinner just to look inside the mirror
Crop themselves out of pictures wishing they were thinner
In reality they're looking like a sliver
Society put their thoughts into mixtures like they're playing Twister
In the end what does image even matter
People pretend how they're living to be seen as dapper
We turn over and serve ourselves on a platter
For the world to devour like they cooked us in a batter

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