The Dark Box

Human minds have the capacity to save itself from trauma.
It creates a box on a shelf, in the dark, in the back of your mind.
You know its their but your mind refuses to acknowledge it,
to save your sanity.To save you from yourself.
Life gets busy and sometimes the box shakes.
The shakes bring vague blurry flashes which you shake off,
but the unease and vulnerability in life start creeping in.
You pace yourself still ignoring the box,
until one day something accidentally tips the box over.

Anger, fear, shame, rage, violence, devastation and numbess.

To compare it to a well would imply their is an end.
In reality its an endless abyss of utter helplessness.

You're tired. tired. Why cant it all just go away?
Why can't the box close again and glue itself shut.
Why did it have to ruin you. Why did it influence you.
Why didn't someone save you? Why? Why! WHY!!!???
I hate you. I hate me. I hate everything.
I just want to be left alone.
I have nothing left to give.
Someone please close the box.

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