The Dark Face

The Dark Face

Among the dark sky and shadows of the street lights

Opens it up to a new world filled with friends or foes who want to fight

Prayers they may prayers they might they'll never escape my sight

Whoever messes with me will find themselves facing a new plight

Wave of euphoria will run down your face

I'll gladly put you in your place

For I do not fear the night it fears me

Come one come all for a grand gesture you will all see

For I am a scissor made in a world full of paper and paste

Here to cut down my enemies down near and far and to them I say make haste

Nameless you shall become once I take away your face

For my wrath you will know well

And if you wish I'll send you to every single layer of hell

You have to be crazy to fight me or under some wicked spell

I'm the person that will trip you and say you fell

If you wish to fight you will end up dying or I shall place you in a hollow barred cell

My justices fast and swift just remember schools out when you hear the bell

Then you belong to me and I will place you in your own personal hell

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