the dark half

I dwell in the wicked blackness
Tis where I build my abode
And upon the impure maladies
Its where I write my code
I am in the heart, of every thought, ever formed
The foundation of hate, the genesis of scorn
I relish in your ruin, I blot out your light
Misguidance my specialty, your self-pity my delight
Your doubt makes me strong as I continue on
To show you everything right, in all things wrong
I thrive on desperation and speak without hesitation
When you stumble on shaky ground
When you give consideration, to the sources of motivation
After reward for dedication, cannot be found
I see you and you see me, In all the reflections that ever be
Life isn’t so hard, when you learn to discard
All those things that don’t come easily
so sing your regret, bring that anger to whet
and covet those items of material worth
be sure to cast that stone, at the one who stands alone
for something higher than the things of earth

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