The Dark Knight Of Love

The caged bird sings to the lonely night,
telling a tale of love and comfort,
trying not to feel abandoned by the one
who was to come and save her.
The words pile up in her heart,
just as the useless feathers fill the cage
falling off one by one until none remain.
Soon the song ends, for there is nothing
left to say. Hope has died and so has she.
Dreams of flight and freedom gone, replaced
by the comfort of the iron bars, imprisoning
her once beating heart. The wait has ended.
Finally, he returns and removes her broken
body from the cage, letting her go to see
the vast world outside, but it's too late.
All she sees is iron, all she feels is cold.
Longing to return to the cage, she regains
her beautiful voice, a new song is born.
This time it's one of hate and despair,
no longer trying to comfort the night
for she is now a part of it, her snow-white wings
now black with the darkness of the shadows,
she lives again. A new start, a new life.
But she is now banned from the cage, her purity gone.
Never again will she be able to enter the cage called love.

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