The Dark Mind Before the Light

This life of mine is inevitable,
Hour by hour,
Day by day,
The same thing happens,
Which is nothing,
My birth was no reason,
I am a ghost in this world,
I may be seen by many,
But only few acknowledge me,
I've traveled distances,
Yet haven't found my niche,
Hope to be found,
Then there would be a chance,
A chance that I don't go down,
Down the path I feel is needed,
Which path you ask yourselves?
Well, the path to the end of the beginning,
The beginning of a new journey,
Where I become alive,
So that I may be acknowledged by all,
With saying all this,
It comes down to one word... "Bye",
I say this to the few,
Who have been there for me,
But it is time for me to leave,
I apologize,
Apologize for leaving all of you behind,
There's a new journey awaiting,
And I am ready to shine,
I'm heading to the light now,
I will forever watch over you.

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This Poems Story

Its my version of the mind speaking out before meeting death.