The Dark Smell

The opaque skies watching us like eagles
Hoping that this night won't be illegal.
Upon this night a gloomy smell wanders
In this car, the abhor smell I ponder.
Creping its lonely way into our souls
Which the smell, we reminisce as it trolls.

As we stop the car, all eyes are on us
Wishing we're not the topic of discuss.
While all we do is watch, the car which burns.
The mitigation is what our souls yearn
And all we can do is watch that car char.
Hoping the smell will not travel so far.

While our minds search for some type of solace
The dark smell creeps back in and turns heartless.
And on that dull night we still remember
That dark smell, with such a great temper.
We close our eyes and depict that dark smell
While we hope that it has not cast a spell.

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