The Dark Woods

Has anyone told you about the woods?
Where you hear it's dark and lonely
Where you go, but never come back
Where you think you hear screams that never stop

Have you been in the woods? Do you want to go there?
Have the voices in your head said, "Don't go?"
They're right you know
A lot of bad things have happened there
You may even hear the voices
What are they telling you?

You're losing hope, I can tell
You can't escape forever
Where there's something, there's nothing
Where there's nothing there's something

Time is running out by the second
You can't hide forever without knowing the truth
The war has just began
Get ready to run
They like to feed on the young and pure
But your fear could work as well
The voices have started to count down
Don't go in to the woods they will find you

To anyone reading, listen to me
Or the same fate will happen to you

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