the darkest angel

the darkest cloud has formed over thee, when the light will i see,
the demons creep, i am done, the darkest angel, is what i've become
i don't know, how much more i can take, as the darkness fades,
i'm about to break, the darkest angel, this is me,
i listen to the voices, that are before thee,
they whisper come closer, intertwine, the darkest angel, never behind
the sky is black, never blue, here comes the fog, and the shadows too
the shadows sing, deep in the night,
the darkest angel is never light,
she flies, all around, making it dark, from sky to ground
the darkest angel, covers you, with her wings,
and all the evil, you shall bring
the darkness comes forth, unto me, as all the darkness, i shall see
the darkest angel, whispers, in my ear, all your thoughts i can hear,
i know, that this, may seem strange,
but as long as i have you, you'll never change

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