The Darkest Dream

Suicide is embeded on this kids brain
Forever knowing that one day the kid would go insane
Still they all want to know why he hasn't changed
Yeah the kid may look different but he's still the same
Watch as the darkness in his head takes over his brain
And all the hurt and the heartache will still remain
Feel his pain
He never wanted to go out like this
But apparently no one could ever give a shit
They took away all of the kids happiness
And watched it as it fell into the black abyss
With a loaded pistol cocked back the kid laughs and yells
"I promise all of you I'll see you all in hell"
The bullet leaves the chamber and the kid falls back
And like that everyone else seems to have heart attacks
They never thought the kid would go to such great lengths
Just to silence all their taunting as he walked the plank
Now his eyes wide open awake from his dream
And again woken up by his own silent screams
He makes a promise to God that he'll always fight
Never let anyone take away his light
Face all his problems and his fears head on
No matter how many things in his life go wrong

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