The Darkness

as i close the door, it creaks.
there is nobody here but me.
once it's shut, darkness fills the room,
but the darkness isn't always doomed.

I look around to spot some curtains,
to shed some light on the very dark surface.
as i grasp them, i feel a chill.
i want them to open, but don't know if they will.

when this happens, is when i really get scared.
it's now cold and dark, i don't know if i can bear.
not before long, i was startled as ever.
i remember i intruded, which i thought i would never.

the lights turn on, and the door creaks again.
i look over and in the doorway stands a man.
the idea of the darkness had left my brain amused,
but maybe i was wrong, and the darkness really was doomed.

so next time i see, or even think of an open door,
i will let it slip my mind like i should have before.
because if you poke your nose in places you don't belong,
the darkness will catch up, and show you, you were wrong.

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