The Darkness Clouding My Mind

My sanity is slipping away and the smoke will take over soon,
Screaming at the top of my lungs in the middle of a crowded room,
No one even looks up or even hears my screams,
Happiness only exists no in my bad dreams,
With every passing moment it feels like I'm losing my mind,
Alone in the darkness, lost and left behind,
I've lost all hope of ever having things go my way,
All this bullshit kills me a little more with everyday,
Floating through life is now all I can do,
Feeling no one cares what I'm
going through,
Everything I do is for everyone else,
Never do I get anytime for myself,
Don't want ot give in and let it get the best of me,
But the dark clouds that surround are all I can see,
The days warm light fades away,
Turning everything gloomy and grey,
All that's left is the cold hard night,
Leaving me alone without the strength to keep going on with
this neverending fight.

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