The Daughter, Dock and Duck

Bob was strolling in the reef one day,
Until a girl passed by and said,"Hey!"
Bob stopped and said,"Daddy, I missed you a ton!"
Bob was more confused than a canary,
And he also found this moment quite scary.
Bob was unsure of the kid being his,
But he knew when he looked into the eyes of the little miss,
For her eyes (like her father) were as shiny as a penny.
She mentioned that her name was Kenny.
Bob said,"We should catch up over at the dock."
She agreed, so they started to walk.
Bob and Kenny arrived at the dock,
And they watched the boats sailing at seven o'clock.
They kept talking and talking,
And even did some more walking.
A duck was soaring in the sky,
And Kenny noticed it in the corner of her eye.
The duck dove into the sea like some kind of bat,
Then plucked Kenny up where the two shrimp sat.
The duck waddled to the shore and tried to eat,
Bob jumped into action and got off his seat.
He ran to the duck and kicked his leg;
the duck quacked so loud, and then it cracked like an egg!
It spit out Kenny and flew away in a jiffy.
When Bob saved her life, he was feeling real spiffy!
So in the end Bob got a family, to his delight,
But even then, something wasn't quite right.

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