The day

The day I left it was a cold and rainy day with you looking at me and you had no words to say. They say time heels all wounds but I know that's not true because even after all this time I still think about you. I tried to get you out of my head but all the memories of Us just won't go to bed. The day you left me I didn't know what to say and I don't trust my heart enough to let it lead the way. I said it before and I mean it now I'm done with love because of that day how you just looked at me and had nothing to say. That is a cold day I never will forget. how my world has one big giant split down the middle of my heart. Yes" That is the day ware i changed my name to me instead of us. I close my eyes and I can still see pictures in my head of me and you. That is the day where you sealed are our faith. Why you made a choice and I did too but only you know as well as I do. That is the day when my true love went away. THE day I will never forget when my love went away.

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This poem is about on a specific day. When Love went away. And how even after all the time that has passed by you still never really forget your first still think about them you still feel them and even think of things that you might have done together because when it's real love and never really truly goes away.