The Day

Well the time had finally come; today would be the day
I was going to meet the lady that God had sent my way
We had been speaking for a while, but her face I'd not seen
But my heart began to pound as she moved closer to me
When we got face to face, my knees were kind of week
I couldn't believe my eyes, from this vision I had seen
In her eyes was a light that could turn the night to day
I wanted to say something, but I couldn't find the way
So I stumbled through hello and that's where it came
The most radiant smile; God had ever made
Well she smiled at me again then gave me a hug
There was not even a doubt I was falling in love
As I held her in my arms I could feel her heart beat
And I knew at that moment that God sent her to me
You see when God's in a woman it's such an awesome sight
You can see Him in the eyes; they emit all His light
Then the twinkle in the eyes leads to a smile on the face
It's there where you see, God's incredible Grace
But neither can occur without Him living in the heart
That's the one true place where love really starts
So it's obvious to me I've fallen in Love
Cause this angel that I'm holding was sent from above

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