The Day I Learned to Fly

The day I sprouted wings was the day I learned to fly.
The raven was sitting on her perch as I entered.
She squawked at me as she took off.
The cold room tore at me as I ventured in.
They told me to come near.
In darkness, the creatures tore and screamed at me.
The whirlpool of time and anger attacked
Leaving it's immortal present.
There was a hawk that met me.
He told me to trust him and take his hand.
The fire came and told me to run.
The beasts pulled me away.
The raven sat at my window and beckoned to me.
She knew, what I knew not.
She gave me her hand
And told me to fly.
Pulled away, my wings slowly grew.
The hawk came
And promised to never let go.
And in the night, the moon shined its' promise of new life
And eventual death.
The three birds flew towards it.
Never looking back at the only thing they had ever known.

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