The Day I Lost My Dad

My heart dropped the day I lost my dad,
A part of me shattered, left me feeling like a broken wings bird with no hope
I couldn't believe that he had really left me and gone,
The pain in my heart just went on and on for eon years

The memories we shared, now they're all that's left in my lonely heart,
The laughter, the joy, the love we had, so blessed.
Oh, how I wish I could turn back the time,
To be with him again and feel his love once more.

My dad was my hero, my guiding light,
His words of wisdom always made things right.
But now he's gone, and it's hard to move on,
I miss him so much, it feels like he's still here, but he's gone.

The tears flow silently down my cheeks,
As I remember the love that we shared, so unique.
But in my heart, I know that he's still around because his words of wisdom reverberated each time I face a tough challenge
Watching over me, as I make my way through this wild, wild of non ending problems.

My heart may have dropped the day I lost my dad,
But his love and memories will never fade,
For in my heart, he'll always remain,
A shining star beaming over me, a beautiful ligh of encouragement.

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This Poems Story

The lost of a family hero at an early stage of life