The Day I Met Myself

I've always felt smaller than an ant until I met one and
This ant has always felt bigger than me until our
Conversation begun this ant worked night and day up
Under the sun and never complained not a word not a
Sentence not even one this ant had purpose and his
Reason for life and I spend all my life looking for my
Purpose but my reasons weren't right have 2 legs but
Can't make 4 steps this ant has 8 and makes the steps
Of 8 the ant can ripple great change but a million of any
Teardrops can't make a wave in a lake or can it? Is this
My Martin Luther King dream or a stupid thought outlandish?
A picture can say 1000 words but 1000 words
Can't paint 1000 pictures and a man can have 10
Horses and can't make them drink with 1000 pitchers
And a new quarter can't help change the world worth
1000 gloves in dazzle and glitter plus witches brew on
A witches broom and a supposedly ignorant slave,child
Wrote this so I can intelligently say that that minuscule
Ant I met on this day has changed my world in so mini ways

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